DragonTail© Professional Horseshoe Stakes


These stakes are for the avid horseshoe pitcher that won’t settle for less.   Tired of the stakes that go limp and you have to always reset in the ground?  Don’t want to have to dig a hole and fill with concrete or set in a log to keep your stake erect and firm under pitching pressure? Consider the time, effort and materials to set horseshoe stakes in the ground….I can tell you from personal experience it is much more than my list price!!  This is why I decided to start making my DragonTails!

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DragonTail© Professional 30″ long steel rod with full 1″ NHPA competition diameter

  • This is designed with the professional player in mind. Designed for the professional level player that plays daily and accustomed to back to back ringers with a greater then 50% ringer average.
  • Overbuilt to maximize sturdiness and the impact of numerous back to back ringers.
  • This is great if you plan to set and forget in a Horseshoe Pit or you want NHPA competition level practice for competition.
  • These have all capabilities of the Professional + NHPA Recommended full 1” Diameter and ability to stay erect up to 4″ of sand like in a horse shoe pit

I use the NHPA standard as a guideline for DragonTail stakes. https://www.horseshoepitching.com/gameinfo/backyard.html

If they don’t work as described I will provide a refund within 30 days of purchase.

FYI–The colors you see will vary. I only color the stakes to prevent rust before you get them. If you are an avid horseshoe pitcher you know that the paint will chip and fade after the first game of the horseshoes ringing against the stakes!

Package contains: 2 DragonTail© Horseshoe Stakes.

Horseshoes NOT INCLUDED.

SHIPPING INCLUDED only in the Continental USA

Please email me if you are in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the USA.

Instructions: Please DragonTail HorseShoe Stakes so flat side is facing the pitcher. Once in position and angled how you like, drive in with a heavy hammer. Once the stake is in position it would be ideal for set and forget set ups to water the stake and allow ground to dry around stake.


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