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DragonTail© Horseshoe Stakes. These stakes are for the avid horseshoe pitcher that won’t settle for less. Tired of the stakes that are limp and you have to always reset in the ground? Want stakes that stay firm and erect during game play? Don’t want to have to dig a hole and fill with concrete or set in a log to keep your stake erect and firm under pressure? Consider the time, effort and materials to set horseshoe stakes in the ground….I can tell you from personal experience it is much more than my list price!!

DragonTail© Horseshoe Stakes are the answer to have a firm and erect horseshoe stake! Quick and easy..just drive into the ground. With a patent pending utility design, you will enjoy your horseshoe game even more. Guaranteed to outperform the limp store/internet bought horseshoe stake whether it is 24, 30, or 36″ long!!!!

DragonTail© dimensions come in 24″ long rod mild steel with a 3/4 inch diameter and the DragonTail is 5.5 inches wide.

For those that want competition level DragonTail stakes, please contact us for a custom quote for a full 1″ diameter stake.

If they don’t work as described I will provide a refund within 30 days of purchase.

FYI–The colors you see will vary. I only color the stakes to prevent rust before you get them. If you are an avid horseshoe pitcher you know that the paint will chip and fade after the first game of the horseshoes ringing against the stakes!

Package contains: 2 DragonTail© Horseshoe stakes. Horseshoes NOT INCLUDED.

SHIPPING  INCLUDED in Continental USA.  I will provide a custom quote for outside the Continental USA.

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